Aprilia SR125 | The Entry-Level Sports Scooter | Best Review


Aprilia SR125, the entry-level sport scooter. There are plenty of scooters sold in our market as of today, but the sportiest of them all is Aprilia SR150; it also happens to be one of the most fun scooters to ride in its segment. The brand has done well in terms of sales as well, almost rivaling the Piaggio Vespa range of scooters. However, there were lots of customers who thought 150cc was a bit too much for a scooter, given the fact that there are motorcycles with the same capacity engine.

The perception of the Indian customer is such, so while the SR 150 sells alongside, the brand has decided to offer the model with a lower capacity engine since Aprilia feels this is the scooter that might hit the right notes with customers.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The Aprilia SR 125 comes with a new engine, while the bodywork and mechanicals remain the same. However, the Aprilia SR 125 features a longer seat and some new colors so it won’t be easy spotting the differences between both models. Aprilia Bikes did state that they had worked on pillion comfort, but we find it to be more or less the same and we miss the grab rail. However, Aprilia Bikes gives its customers the option to include it as an extra fitting. Even the side stand will have to be purchased as an accessory.

We aren’t happy to know this given how expensive a scooter like this is. The cosmetic revisions aren’t really visible; you still get the big 14-inch wheels, the sharp styling, and of course and a very simplistic layout for the dials. We wish the quality of the switchgear was better though. The Aprilia SR125 shares its engine with the Vespa 125, but the SR125 makes lesser power than the Vespa at 9bhp and 9.8Nm of torque. Performance hasn’t taken much of a hit though, perhaps because the gearing is different from the Vespa. In terms of the curb weight, the SR125 weighs just as much as the SR150.

Power Through

The motor does sound a bit coarse but as the revs climb and you open the throttle, it becomes smooth and the motor never runs out of breath. We think it’s the quickest scooter in its category. It manages a top speed of 80kph effortlessly and you can see the needle on the speedometer climb to about 120kph. What would be a more realistic pace to be riding this scooter though would be 100kph? And that’s impressive, to say the least. So the top speed is nearly the same as well, but the SR125 is not as enthusiastic as the SR150 the moment you open the throttle, particularly at slow speeds.

The suspension, brakes, and chassis remain untouched. The stability from those big wheels is fantastic and the tires provide lots of grips. The brakes perform well, thanks to the strong bite from the front disc and the rear drum. Take the SR125 out on an open stretch of road and the scooter will have a huge smile plastered across your face. But on the rough stuff, the scooter feels firm, unsettling the rider quite a bit.

An SR at Heart?

There’s nothing wrong with the SR125; it’s a great, more affordable alternative to the SR150. If you’re on the lookout for practicality, there are other scooters that would do better, but if value, style, and performance are your sort of thing, it’s really hard to find fault with the SR125. It’s a proper sports scooter that offers good foot space and nice under-seat storage.

But short riders are going to find the seat height a bit of a problem. The SR125 is the priciest 125cc scooter in the segment, and hence, buying one of these is clearly a heart-over-head decision, and if that’s the case, the price won’t be of any concern to you. Also, grab the latest info on the upcoming scooters, only at autoX.

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