Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker 2021 | Tribit Audio StormBox Micro Testimonial

Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker
Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for the best budget Bluetooth speaker in this high pricing market this article will help you to get the best product within your budget. Let’s go through this article and find the best one for you.

Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker Testimonial

Our Verdict

Tribit Audio’s skilled newbie arrives as an indisputable challenger in the spending plan speaker ball.



  • Short battery life

As we begin spending even more time socializing, bringing the best budget Bluetooth speaker and celebrations is once the most delicate technique. Heavyweights such as Ultimate Ears and JBL dominate, but this does not mean the What Hi-Fi? The team considers that specific box examined. What if a minor, obscure brand could step in, trounce the competitors, and wow us– all for a very affordable price?

Enter Tribit Audio, a Chinese company whose present item array consists of 4 petite mobile audio speakers and six sets of wireless earphones.

The brand-new StormBox Micro is the second least pricey speaker in a line-up that’s hugely budget-friendly all around. Is it the speaker we’ve desired for– the undiscovered belter set to steal the budget crown?


It’s difficult to imagine a home decor, backpack, or individual preference that the Tribit Audio StormBox Micro couldn’t merge in with happily. It’s the dimension of a pile of beverages coasters, with a soft-feeling charcoal textile coat covering the upwards-facing fifty percent of the speaker. The bottom half gets rubberized, with two buttons for power and Bluetooth pairing on either side of the rounded lower side, looking from above.

In between these are a mic & a display screen of 6 LEDs for connection and battery standing. On the right side is a water-proof USB-C charging port. On the bottom, lying flush in between the StormBox Micro’s four rubberized feet is a neat little elastic strap you can unfasten to sling over a bike handlebar or outdoor tent pole.

Below the subtle branding on the top of the device are three buttons: a minus indication, a square, and a plus indication. The first and last buttons care about volume; the middle one has numerous features. Play/pause is a solitary press. Press two times and skip to the following track, while three goes to the beginning of the way getting played. A lengthy press summons your device’s voice assistant– in our examinations, the StormBox Micro’s mic picks up our requests well.

If you get paired to your mobile phone, this button can additionally take care of call-handling. The Stormbox Micro’s top-plate controls require to be depressed, and their description you can trace with the device’s textile coat.

It’s a slight departure from Ultimate Ears’ versions (whose buttons are difficult to determine, though you understand when you’ve pushed one), yet that’s no negative thing. The overall style still right here feels sturdy, well-finished as well as helpful.


There’s some disparity over the Stormbox Micro’s requirements relying on which web page of the manual you’re checking out, which is a shame as it does market the product shortly.

The box is also misleading, detailing an inaccurate IPX7 rating. The definitive (and rather remarkable) stats are Bluetooth 5.0, eight-hour battery life, and IP67 ranking– meaning the speaker is both dustproof and water-proof. That IP score brings the Stormbox Micro according to the Award-winning Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2.

You can likewise match two Stormbox Micros in either mono or stereo. We try the stereo pairing in our examination, and also, the resulting audio is a superb recommendation for the money. One more plus-point for the Tribit speaker is using a USB-C charger (the Wonderboom two still sporting activities a micro-USB port), although it takes 3.5 hrs to the bill, which is somewhat frustrating.

However, the Ultimate Ears item flaunts a 13-hour battery life, whereas the Tribit will last just eight. That is more than smaller models such as the JBL Go 2 that only offers five hours. However, it’s not extraordinary.

There’s no application support and no ‘increase’ switch for exterior paying attention here, but to expect such additionals at this budget price would undoubtedly be a little unreasonable. In general, it’s a sleek, handy, long-lasting small cushion-shaped speaker.


We pay attention to Radiohead’s Paranoid Android from the OKAY Computer cd, and also the twinkling stands out, and rhythmic guitar first is well-integrated, musical, and in-depth. Thom Yorke’s aerial voice comes through centrally, and there’s a charming circulation of sound any place we stand in our room.

As the bridge comes in, we’re happily stunned by the bass influence the Tribit can supply. A speaker of such dimensions gets limited in terms of bass weight. It does well; shut your eyes while listening, and you’ll picture a bigger product. The StormBox Micro quickly defeats the similarly-sized JBL Go 2 for music separation, timing as well as bass depth.

We stream Stormzy’s Sound Of The Skeng to examine the bass. It comes across deep, times well, and also is rather punchy for its size. Whitney Houston’s vocal in the legendary I Will Always Love You is distinctive and three-dimensional. Although there’s a slight shortfall in vibrant build compared to the Wonderboom 2, the final product is a lot more pricey and dramatically more extensive.

The Tribit goes nearly as loud as the Wonderboom 2. Still, where the latter has a sensibly forward-focused, somewhat lighter presentation to account for its small dimension, the Stormbox Micro offers more mature audio. It could have been a risky move. However, the Tribit gets away with it thanks to its balanced and surprisingly subtle personality.

Throughout Joshua Kadison’s Jessie, the Wurlitzer underneath the secrets doesn’t get lost via the midrange Stormbox Micro’s. Both music strands, which with lower audio speakers can get muddled and combined, are present, discernible, and distinct.


Below, at the most affordable end of the audio market, there allow gains to be by investing a bit more. Go from the ₤ 50 ($60) product under our stare to the Award-winning Wonderboom 2, and you’ll get an outside mode, a layout that’s readily available in several colors, and identified name as well as a sound that pips the Tribit in terms of dynamic capacity and rhythmic comprehensibility.

While the additional cash required to stretch to the Wonderboom 2 is tiny in the grand system of points (not a lot more than a round of drinks), it equates to virtually increasing the Stormbox Micro price. If your budget plan maxes out at ₤ 50 ($60), the mobile, this Tribit is a superb option.

Likewise, if you only have a little zip area in the top of your backpack for a sonic fellow traveler, this speaker deserves that room. Bear in mind, Ultimate Ears: a little-known brand called Tribit Audio generated a budget plan belter of the best Bluetooth speaker.

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