Leading Best String Trimmers in 2021

Best String Trimmer
Best String Trimmer

If you are searching for best string trimmers, you are in the right place. In this article we have reviewed leading best string trimmers available in the market.

With the market flooded with good-quality trimmers, picking the device finest matched to your gardening needs commonly proves to be a strenuous task. Besides your home’s specs, there are specific specifications to keep in mind while acquiring a trimmer. One model may be ideal for a special season, while an additional might rack up high on energy efficiency.

Gardens are jobs of love, and choosing the right tools for their care and upkeep can be challenging. After all, you want just the best!

Best String trimmers comprise an essential part of any kind of gardener’s toolkit and permit effective cutting in areas that a lawnmower may miss. They come in a selection of designs, with one-of-a-kind functions for specialized features.

Leading Best String Trimmers:

01. Husqvarna 128LD

Husqvarna is continuous on any kind of listing of gardening devices, and this product additionally seals its trustworthiness. The 128LD is a very efficient trimmer that keeps and maintains your lawn looking well-trimmed and too lavish. With a host of appealing attributes, the tool is one of the most effective tools on the market.

Why Did We Like It?

Husqvarna makes no concessions on its vital source of power, and also, you can appropriately fit this string trimmer with a powerhouse of an engine. The 28cc, 2-cycle engine is a deserving enhance to the device’s 17-inch cutting head, and also, with each other, they supply a superb performance.

Along with that, the engine operates on a mixture of unleaded gas and 2-cycle oil, making it energy-efficient and a lot more lasting. With the main attributes in position, it proceeds to more advanced functions that boost the trimming experience. Several of these consist of a transparent gas container for effective monitoring and simple to refill a trimmer head. These features collaborate to make sure excellent overall performance.

When used together with other associated tools from Husqvarna, such as the lawn edger and grower, the trimmer’s capability is considerably enhanced. Also, on its very own, it’s legally the beast. You can maximize the layout to ensure the ability to move and also warranties smooth and quick cutting. Altogether, like all Husqvarna items, the 128LD is a trimmer you can trust.

What Could Have Been Better?

It’s a great trimmer that functions well on the thickest of grass. As is the case with most Husqvarna items, you can price it on the higher end of the scale, not a feasible option for everybody. Yet, it is just as real that few items carry out the method Husqvarna’s does. Much more typically than not, the cost tag is justified.

02. WORX WG154 Edger

The WORX device, the WG154 Edger, is a robust and efficient trimmer with highly-enhanced features for boosted performance. It is both economical and trusted and relatively ideal for dealing with the most challenging grass. With an excellent run-time and premium cutting, it produces a fantastic acquisition.

Why Did We Choose It?

The WG154 is a lightweight and cordless trimmer that makes a two-pronged function and is aptly powered by a 20-volt battery to do so. It has a charitable run-time that allows for prolonged service most yards and is also reasonably exceptional in its cutting capacity.

This trimmer features a flexible, reducing the size from 10 to 12 inches for extensive run-time and cutting course. The tool is appropriate to the upkeep of unruly/overgrown grass and likewise provides extraordinary precision. There is also an auto single line feed that improves its operation.

Additionally, this trimmer conveniently transforms into a lawn edger as well as back. The rotating head permits simplicity in the switch, while the one-touch no-tool device, even more, simplifies the procedure. Among such essential attributes, what assurances user convenience is the ergonomic style. As a small device high on price, the WG154 is a cut over the standard.

What Could Have Been Better?

The only small issue this or else qualified gadget deals with is the billing time. At 5 hrs, it could be thought about long in comparison to most other designs. We positively feel it is in no method a dealbreaker, and might be well overlooked, provided its capability as a trimmer.

03. GreenWorks 21212

Next on our checklist is the ultra-slim 21212 from Greenworks. Do not evaluate the tool by its looks! Appropriate to a variety of jobs, it is as effective as it is attractive. Outfitted with a reliable electric motor and an impressive cutting capability, it proves itself one of the best leaners in the marketplace.

Why Did We Like It?

As a lightweight, corded, and inexpensive trimmer, Greenworks’ version supplies hugely well on smaller sized homes. It is well-equipped to deal with a variety of yard conditions, thanks to the powerful 4 amp electric motor that does the job swiftly as well as efficiently.

Combining a 13-inch cutting diameter and dual-line automatic line feed system quickens your work and decreases initiative regarding bumping the tool while feeding. Additionally, it has a host of extra attributes that include in its performance! An adjustable telescopic shaft permits height adjustment while the cord-lock prevents entanglements. The 21212 makes trimming very easy as A B C!

The style is one of the trimmer’s main highlights. It is exceptionally lightweight, weighing merely 5.2 pounds, as well as easily portable. Compact and reliable, it functions well to offer you a rich, trimmed grass and is also among one of the most moderately priced items in its array.

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What Could Have Been Better?

Being a corded trimmer, the range it covers is restricted, making it inappropriate for big yards. Nevertheless, it is more significant than efficient in tackling smaller sized residential or commercial properties and guarantees to deliver.


With a tradition going back to 1910, BLACK+DECKER is a brand name to be trusted when it concerns gardening devices. The LST136W is one of their most dependable products, one that guarantees excellent performance on any type of little to medium-sized lawn.

Why Did We Like It?

In terms of performance, this trimmer is tough to defeat. Combining effectiveness with simple maneuverability, it uses its 40-volt lithium-ion battery to the fullest to run for hours at a time. Additionally, it works with several devices from BLACK+DECKER’s MAX-series, which improves the device’s utility.

The LST136W’s reducing ability is relatively unrivaled, and also, it gets furnished with a 13-inch cutting swath that makes quick work of lawns of a wide variety. Including in this is the Automatic Feed Spool, a system that allows for your line’s continual feeding without bumping. The mix of the two makes this trimmer extremely time-efficient!

Two various other features that made an impression were the PowerCommand dial and the PowerDrive transmission. The previous offers you a power range to select– from 8500 RPM to 6500 RPM, while the last offers enhanced cutting pressure. Further, you can rotate the trimmer’s head as much as 180 degrees, which permits tool-free conversion from cutting to edging.

What Could Have Been Better?

With such an outstanding tool, the troubles are mainly minor and conveniently fixed. The only glitch it struggles with is a toughness problem and might be prone to paving the way after extended use. However, we are hopeful of this trimmer’s capability to execute well and exceed your expectations with excellent care and maintenance!

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