KEF LSX The Best Wireless Speaker Review

Best Wireless Speaker Review
Best Wireless Speaker Review

Welcome to this best wireless speaker review article. This article will help you to choose the best one prevailing current market. Let’s begin.

Scaling something down proportionally to produce a more miniature reproduction, might work for model towns and food recipes, yet in speaker layout, the guidelines aren’t quite simple.

KEF has reduced its multi-Award-winning LS50 Wireless streaming system (₤ 2000/$ 2200) to make a miniature, half-price variation, the KEF LSX at ₤ 1000/$ 1100.

The LSX shares its successful sibling’s plan as an all-in-one stereo system: a network banner, Bluetooth receiver, and also boosting within a pair of the best portable audio speakers.

However, developing the LSX isn’t just a situation of merely miniaturizing every little thing in the LS50 Wireless anatomy and reducing the cost in half. In addition to the smaller cupboards, smaller Uni-Q motorist selections, and smaller sized, 200W amplification, some changes have got made to cater to the price and size decrease.

Rather than combining a Class A/B circuit (to feed the tweeter) with a Class D component (to power the mid/bass device) as the LS50 Wireless does, the LSX’s amplification is simply Class D. Such a style is small in addition to being more power effective. That reduces the demand for large, cumbersome heatsinks and implies KEF can maintain the plastic cupboards (which used to be MDF on the LS50) as tiny as possible.

The LSX system loses a number of its bigger sibling links: USB Type B (for the computer system and laptop hook-ups) and RCAs for attaching legacy hi-fi kits. However, KEF has developed its stereo speaker system idea on the LSX. Since the LS50 Wireless got launched in 2015, the company has created its proprietary, wireless inter-speaker connection. Unlike that setup, the LSX system does not call for an ethernet cord to connect the two speakers.

The system can play hi-res documents right up to 24-bit/192kHz. Still, it will undoubtedly downsample to either 24-bit/48kHz if the audio speakers are linked to every other wirelessly or 24-bit/96kHz if you determine to run the provided ethernet cable television in between them.

The Best Wireless Speaker Review:


The LSX’s ‘mini’ description isn’t just relative to its bigger sibling. Each speaker is smaller than any easy stereo speaker we can recall screening, bookshelf-friendly, and conveniently transferred to another space.

The smaller proportions might make them less of an eyeful than their sibling, yet they’re no less bold. The LSX speakers see the return of KEF’s distinct-looking Uni-Q chauffeur range, in which a 19mm aluminum dome tweeter sits in the core of a 10cm magnesium/aluminum mid/bass cone. This time, the cupboards are, prevent the curved baffles, wrapped in an appealing woven material.

KEF has got involved in numerous style collaborations for many years– consisting of the ‘Nocturne by Marcel Wanders’ edition of the LS50 Wireless, the multi-colored KEF Muos by Ross Lovegrove, and also KEF’s Porsche Design Space One headphones. For the LSX system, KEF has had an assisting hand from British designer Michael Young, whose signature is subtly published on the olive environment-friendly (with gold cone and red tweeter) variation.

You can likewise go with a red cone and silver tweeter, blue with blue cone and silver tweeter, or black with a silver cone and even red tweeter versions. There’s likewise a fabric-less shiny white version with a silver cone and red tweeter.


The LSX has numerous resources you’ll intend to use. Over ethernet or 2.4 GHz/5GHz wi-fi, users can stream networked songs through DLNA or Tidal– all from within the KEF Stream app. Spotify Connect, Roon compatibility, aptX Bluetooth, and Apple AirPlay 2 are also part of the bundle.

While the LSX’s master speaker forgets its brother or sister’s traditional RCA and USB type-B links, its optical and 3.5 mm aux inputs offer indicates to attach TVs as well as portable tools. In contrast, a speaker outcome uses the opportunity to include even more bass to the system.

You can always include a little bit a lot more bass by tweaking the balance in the system’s EQ settings, which can get located in KEF’s Control app. The application receives also used to obtain the LSX on your network, apply room settings, perform firmware updates, and switch sources. The latter can likewise get done using the supplied remote– as can volume adjustment– however, the LSX lacks the on-speaker touch controls of its brother or sister.

We’ve pointed out 2 KEF apps (Stream and Control) in this review because there are separate applications; one for setup and control and another for navigating network streaming. It feels unneeded offered how some rivals handle integrating every little thing in one app, but at least you can quickly switch in between the two without having to open up and close them.

Our biggest grumble is the Stream application tends to flounder during playback from Tidal. It’s not the completion of the globe. However, the occasional failure and also delay quits it being an entirely satisfying user experience. Thankfully no such issues occur when we stream from our media server, although the interface has a simple listing view rather than a grid view for searching songs libraries.


KEF is pitching the LSX as equally affordable for its cost category as the LS50 Wireless is. We only require listening to the calm drum beat and guitar plucking duo of Nick Cave’s Jubilee Street to understand that these KEFs do, to obtain verses from the song, “exercise what they preach.” From the positioned distribution of his first verse, the LSX is sonic descendants of the expressive, tonally-even, and rhythmically astute LS50 Wireless.

The distinct variety of guitar notes and the different focus upon each are a credit report to the LSX’s openness, not only in the amount of detail it digs up but also the dynamic discernment it supplies. The crystal-clear vocal placement gets provided no less factor to consider than the bells you can find discreetly next to it.

Warren Ellis’s violin entry presses the soundstage’s ceiling. It inflates the discussion, while denser electrics and choral enhancements active the soundstage but don’t overwhelm the LSX, which looks comfy in revealing layers as a professional trifle manufacturer.

Timing is essential with any hi-fi package item and, no question, thanks partly to KEF’s trademark-pending ‘Music Integrity Engine’ digital signal processing, which functions to guarantee accurate time positioning and phase comprehensibility, the LSX has an ensured method to rhythms.

We switch over to Olafur Arnalds’ Ljósið, as well, as the LSX involves us. Smooth and bodied enough to bring a pleasant lushness to the piano-playing, but insightful adequate to disclose the varying weight on the secrets and the slight coarseness in the coming with violin, its performance quickly brings us through the track’s duration.

While the LSX doesn’t use the absolute last word in vibrant expression, it provides a variation that gets not bettered at this cost point.


That, and also the extra connection, keeps the LS50 Wireless significantly relevant in KEF’s streaming system offering. The presence of the LSX in the line-up feels warranted. KEF has handled to squeeze much of its ingenious system’s performance and attribute set right into a more small stature, offering the tried-and-tested package’s comfort and flexibility at a lot more available rate. That gets relatively allocated an all-in hi-fi system.

The LSX is a scaled-down, very carefully crafted imitator of its sibling, and also, for that is just as victorious. Take heed, competing systems; these miniature wonders are most likely to take some whipping.

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