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Gift Packaging Trends
Gift Packaging Trends

With Easter gift packaging, you can deliver your valued gifts to the recipient in a sturdy and safe package. It is created from strong and durable packaging stock that will get the present through any distance with ease.

There are many sizes available, so even if you are shipping across the country or just downtown, there is guaranteed protection for your precious cargo, with an astounding selection of customization options like colors, textures, themes, etc. In addition, you can have custom-made boxes with your own design preferences and make great gift boxes.

In today’s fiercely competitive market, it is crucial that you find ways for your brand or business’ reach to be unparalleled so as not only to increase sales but also to stay relevant among customers. Doing this starts with making sure all aspects of product presentation are up-to-date, like when choosing which type of package will best represent a certain holiday.

For example, many traditionalists choose red gift wrap paper during Christmas time, while others opt for silver because they believe it has become too predictable over time.

Following are some tips for designing your gift packaging and making it stand out in the vast competition.

Use Subtle Colored of Gift Packaging 

The most popular colors for Easter packaging are white, purple, pink, green, and red. Gone is the time when you could get away with using pastel or standard blue as your color scheme on this special occasion; new colors symbolize fresh growth in all aspects of life.

Brands are looking to stand out from the competition by opting for colors that contrast with each other while still remaining neutral. Unlike bolder, more overpowering colors, these shades will help brands maintain their message without overwhelming it.

Choose Unique Shapes of Packaging Boxes 

For those looking for a gift package that will stand out amongst the sea of other gifts, you might be interested in some new trends in packaging. In recent years there have been more and more unconventional shapes coming on the market.

For many people, Easter means lots of chocolate bunnies, but if you’re trying to avoid sugar this year, we want to make sure each present has an equally delicious surprise inside- like beautiful flowers from the farm-fresh baskets. And to add an exclusive touch, you can design your boxes in different shapes to make your packaging exceptional.

In many cultures, the egg is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Come Easter. Eggs become one of the most sought-after gifts to exchange with friends and family members because they are said to represent new beginnings. You can also add an interesting twist to your packaging by creating boxes in shapes like bunnies or carrots that signify this holiday event.

Pick on The Simple Typeface 

The pandemic has forced businesses to expedite their product purchasing decisions, but they now find that the consumer population demands more of them. Packaging design this Easter 2021 will be crucial in capturing customer attention and bringing sales back up. Businesses must provide clear typography on packaging so customers can make informed buying decisions even from far away distances where small fonts may not be legible enough for purchase consideration.

For retailers, it is important to choose fonts that are readable but also visually appealing. This will ensure customers can find Easter products easier, and the items stay on shelves longer this season since they are easy to identify at a glance.

Give an Emotional Experience 

The Easter season is a time of renewal, so why not renew your relationship with customers by providing them with this custom-made gift box? With the increased focus on packaging design and branding that we see more and more recently, new trends have emerged. One such trend includes printing names inside these boxes to offer recipients a feeling that they have special treatment or exclusivity.

At these hard times when the whole world seems disconnected from everything else around them, including each other, customized gifts can help you reconnect with your customer base as well as build rapport through personalized unboxing experiences.

The unboxing experience can be a powerful way to build connections with customers and boost customer loyalty. This is because it provides them with an opportunity for personalized experiences built on their preferences, which will translate into higher levels of satisfaction from this one-time event.

Custom inserts also offer unique messaging opportunities to optimize marketing strategies and create memorable content for social media posts or blog articles.

Design Your Gift Boxes with Exclusivity 

Customized packaging is a great way for businesses to give their products an edge over the competition. One type of customized package that has been trending recently is revealing designs with transparent windows, which will bring you your customers’ loyalty and trust.

If you are looking for creative ways to celebrate Easter this year, consider using these types of packages. They have become quite popular in recent years due largely because it allows people on social media see inside without having tear open every single one.

With the innovative new technology, it is now possible to expose your products in a way that they can be seen and recognized from afar. With this type of revealing packaging, there will no longer need to be any doubts about what’s inside each box you receive. This practice will help you build trust with customers.

To have uniquely designed packaging, you can have the custom packaging from Stampa Prints. They offer a bundle of customization options and imprint your gift boxes in an enticing manner that catches the customers’ attention.

This year, go minimalistic with your packaging design and use subtle colors instead of sharp ones. Moreover, make sure that you pick on the design that is visually attractive and grab your potential customer’s eyes.

The Final Word 

Easter is a time of celebration, joy, and new beginnings. It is also the perfect occasion for gift giving. If you require Easter gifts for family or friends these days, consider some innovative product packaging ideas that will make your present stand out from all others – without breaking the bank.