Sleigh Beds And Its Different Types

Sleigh Beds

Sleep well, who doesn’t like that? Waking up in the morning and feeling completely fit, fresh and fruity and ready to take on the day. That’s how it should be and it all starts with a good night’s sleep in a good Sleigh beds.

There are many different types of Sleigh beds. Many people think “a bed is a bed”, but our list proves otherwise. The choice often depends on the available space and personal preferences. And in addition to “real” beds, you also have sofa beds .

If you get started making a Sleigh bed yourself, you will of course look for your stuff at a hardware store . If you prefer a ready-made bed, you can go to a specialist bed store, for example, or check your choices online. A bed lasts an average of 8-15 years, so it is important to take your time before this purchase.

Teen Sleigh Bed or Single Sleigh Bed

Dimensions: 70 cm, 80 cm or 90 cm x 200 cm

Age: From 3 years

Blanket / duvet size: 140 cm x 200 / 220 cm

The next step in a young sleeper’s life is probably a single Sleigh bed. It is a good idea to spend some extra money on this, because your child should be sleeping in this for the next 10 years. Incidentally, there are plenty of parents who skip the steps of the cot and teenage Sleigh bed and opt for a single Sleigh bed immediately after the cot.

There are several ways to get a single Sleigh bed; shop online, make your own or buy one in a specialist Sleigh bed store. Of course it depends a bit on the age of the person who will sleep in the bed, but if the user of the bed is already a little older, it is advisable to take him or her with you to make the choice regarding the bed for will be used for a longer period of time.


Dimensions: 120 cm x 200 / 210 cm

Blanket / duvet size: 200 cm x 200 / 220 cm

A French Sleigh beds is a bed with a size that is between a single and double Sleigh beds. If you sleep wide, but on your own, this is an excellent bed to use as a place to sleep.

You can take a double Sleigh beds with a length of 210 cm if you are a bit taller, but the standard size in the Netherlands is a length of 200. For the same reason, the duvets that go with it are also available in two lengths.

Double Sleigh beds

Dimensions: 140 / 160 cm x 200 cm

Blanket / duvet size: 140 / 160 cm x 200 / 210 cm

If the single Sleigh beds is too small, or if you immediately opt for something bigger, you can end up with a double bed, but as you will see below, there are plenty of options that you can choose from if you no longer want a single bed.

As the name suggests, this bed is suitable for two people, but you can also sleep comfortably in it on your own. In terms of double beds, there are a number of different options, which are also discussed below. The difference is in the width of the bed.

Twin Sleigh beds

Dimensions: 180 cm x 200 cm

Blanket / duvet size: 240 cm x 200 / 220 cm

The twin Sleigh beds are actually a bigger brother of the double Sleigh beds. You will therefore need a slightly larger duvet for the twin Sleigh beds. For example, for a double bed you need a duvet of 200 cm by 200 cm, with a twin bed it is 40 cm wider.

The literal translation of twins from French is Sleigh beds twins. Basically it means that two single beds are pushed together. This type of beds is no longer sold in this capacity, probably because the lying comfort is not so great due to the fact that there is a kind of slit in the middle where the beds are placed against each other.

Queen Size Sleigh beds

Dimensions: 150 / 160 cm x 200 cm

Blanket / duvet size: 240 cm x 200 cm

In different parts of the world there are quite a few differences in the size of the Queen size beds. For example, an American Queen size Sleigh beds is just as large as an English King size bed. If you buy a Queen (or King) size bed online, take a look at the dimensions to be sure.

Most likely, the King and Queen size beds occur in the 17 e century, or “the century of the biggest beds. The King size bed comes from the French King Louis XIV who had a huge bed, the Queen size is the smaller version of this.

King Size Sleigh beds

Size: 180 / 200 cm x 200 cm

Blanket / duvet size: 240 cm x 200 cm

For people who want a lot of space in their bed, the King size Sleigh beds is the bed that is made for them. As with the Queen size Sleigh beds, the size differs in different countries for this type of bed. For example, a King size bed in America is 193 cm x 203 cm. So check the dimensions when purchasing.

You can buy the King size Sleigh beds as luxurious or simple as you want. For example, you can choose to include a headboard or buy a King size Sleigh beds. In general, the King size beds are the more expensive beds to choose from.

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