Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth Speaker Testimonial

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth Speaker
Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Welcome to this well-defined testimonial of ultimate ears wonderboom 2 Bluetooth speaker. This article will assist you to have a great experience about the wonderboom Bluetooth speaker. Let’s go forward through this article.

Ultimate Ears has boosted the layout, battery life, and the top audio quality of its pint-sized best Bluetooth speaker. Here’s our Wonderboom 2 evaluation.

Our Verdict

As long as the price isn’t too high for you, there’s almost absolutely nothing to do about the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth Speaker.

Ultimate Ears has taken its pocket rocket and made it also better with a better layout, longer battery life, and an Outdoor Boost mode. You could only be annoyed at the lack of an aux input.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth Speaker Complete Evaluation

The Ultimate Ears (formerly UE) range of Bluetooth speakers has been a big success from the start, and the firm continues to upgrade the line-up. This time around with the Wonderboom 2, so below’s our complete evaluation.

That is mostly more of the same stuff from Ultimate Ears, however, with a couple of enhancements and tweaks for this pint-sized boombox.


The Wonderboom 2 is available at ₤ 89.99 or $99.99, so it merely stays under the 100 mark, making it a budget-plan Bluetooth speaker. It’s not the least expensive around; however, typically, in the audio world, you obtain what you pay for.

You can get it straight or retails such as Amazon, Currys, and also John Lewis.

That implies it’s up against the similarity between the Denon Envaya Pocket and Anker SoundCore Sport XL. The Creative Muvo Play is a similar speaker in terms of form and functions, as well as it’s just ₤ 34.99, so you might purchase two.

Layout & Build

The Wonderboom 2 is no massive departure from the initial version. You’d get forgiveness for not being able to tell the distinction at a look.

Ultimate Ears stays with its recognizable and robust design that helps the speakers stand out in a crowded market. The Wonderboom 2 isn’t the tiniest readily available however is certainly petite adequate to travel around with you.

Chunky yet small is an excellent summary for the Wonderboom 2 as it’s like a drink can that’s about to take off. It’s a great dimension to hold, and also, there’s still a textile loop on the top for bring or hanging.

Customarily, massive plus and minus quantity switches adorn the front with the continuing to get switched on the top or base.

On the top are switches for Bluetooth, playback, and power and on the bottom (we’re not precisely sure why) is a button with a tree on it. That is for the Outdoor Boost mode, which we’ll discuss below.

The playback button is especially beneficial as you can control your songs straight from the speaker instead of having to obtain your phone as well as unlock it etc

. As we’ve concerned anticipate from Ultimate Ears, the Wonderboom 2 is reliable. It consists of resilient plastic with a textile layer around the middle and feels like you could play a video game of catch utilizing it without stressing over dropping it. The company does undoubtedly explain it as ‘decrease proof.’

It’s still water-resistant yet is currently IP67, so it is also dustproof. The critical point is that you can chuck it in water– it drifts– without concern (1m of water for approximately 30 mins). You’ll require to dry it out a little bit after that.

We looked at the Radical Red model, yet the Wonderboom 2 also comes in Deep Space Black, Crushed Ice (Grey), Bermuda Blue, and Just Peach. The textile now has a two-tone coating, so it gets not obstructed merely color.

Sound Quality & Features

It’s minor upgrades here and there that amount to boost the general experience. So you can currently pair two Wonderboom two audio speakers for the actual stereo field with the ideal and left networks, instead of merely a replicate of the same audio. We’ve just got one sample, so we could not evaluate this attribute.

The battery life is now 30% much longer, so the Wonderboom 2 can maintain going with a good 13 hours. Simply put, you won’t need to bill it often.

The USB port is concealed behind a flap to keep things water-proof, but you will not discover an aux input right here, so there’s no option to plug gadgets in that do not have Bluetooth. That is a cordless speaker but also, for some having an alternative input might be a deal-breaker. If you require one, the Creative Muvo Play does.

You will likely need the supplied cable as the USB port is set fairly much into the speaker.

That’s a lot of layouts and feature upgrades, and also, we have not discussed audio high quality yet. Ultimate Ears has done two things to the Wonderboom 2 to boost the audio experience.

There’s more bass with the regularity reaction going down to 75Hz instead of 80. We would certainly like it reduced, but this is an extremely tiny speaker. Taking care of the sound is 40mm motorists backed up by two passive bass radiators.

As we expected, the top audio quality is exceptional. Ultimate Ears yet once more takes care of to pack in a great deal of power into a speaker that’s not much larger than a can of soup.

With the conventional setting, the Wonderboom 2 has a tuning that will suit various types of music. There’s some bass, but it’s not overpowering, with more splendor and power in the mid-range where the speaker is best.

Moving up to higher frequencies, the Wonderboom 2 is a little limited, but this is to get expected for a speaker this size with just two drivers managing the whole regularity range. The fact is, the audio is excellent for such a portable speaker and functions well for the circumstances it gets designed for.

That brings us to the other primary upgrade called Outdoor Mode. Ultimate Ears knows the Wonderboom two is excellent for pool events, barbeques, and other outside occasions with style.

The equalizer decreases the bass a little as when outdoors, these regularities can end up dominating and boost the greater end, which can have a hard time bringing across larger spaces.

It appears weird inside, yet take it outdoors, and you’ll understand you can listen to the songs a lot clearer, instead of a sloppy mess.


It could be among the extra costly tiny Bluetooth speakers you can get. However, the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 will be worth it if you want lovely audio and some added touches.

This little speaker looks simple yet really feels bomb-proof and also can deliver a surprisingly colossal sound.

Add in waterproofing, helpful controls, long battery life, and the Outdoor Boost, and you can see why you’re paying a little bit more than some opponents.

We have virtually no problems when it pertains to the Wonderboom 2, just that some users will intend to make use of a 3.5 mm jack input, which gets not offered below.

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